Tuesday, February 17, 2004

More war on the war on Iraq

I've put the following in the comments box over at Harry's Place :

Lo All,

I don't know about a leftist or liberal response, but I'll try for a (brief, very brief) socialist response.

1) The war cannot be forgotten, because it has domestic ramifications. The pro-military left is left shackled to the war-budgets of Britain and Yankland - you cannot support military adventures without supporting the bloated military budgets of those two states.
2) You cannot seperate the fact that one side was opposing a concrete war, while the other supported a fantasy war, all this talk of 'democratic Iraq' etc. while the real proesecution of the war was in the hands of capitalist plunderers who only removed Hussein to promote their profits - any one remember the last ditch pleas for a palace coup? the dream result, Hussein gone, a new/old strongman in power....
3) You cannot seperate the means from the end, the means in this case was the military occupation of an entire region, the Finlandisation of the countries there by the presence of the Yanklander fleet and it's air power.
4) You can't seperate means and ends, and the means included stich-ups to prop up disgusting despotism's such as piggy features Fahd and his cronies in Saudi.
5) There was an alternative - the US could have driven trucks loaded with caviar, Buluger wines, fine viandes and luxury consumer goods up to the border, and watched the power of Hussein that they (at least) helped prop up with their medieval seige vanish. That or distribute the $350 billion dollars spent on the war indivdually to each Iraqi (buy 'em off at $14,000 a head).

There were and are alternatives. The most obvious of which is that we need to act to ensure that the pirates are no longer in command,and build that world socialism that will put an end to war per se forever...

In the light of my last post, I should have added, the effect on the class war at home, as the Firefighters were hounded over their strike during war-time...


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