Thursday, May 27, 2004

CND Hustings

A quick observational report on a Mayoral hustings. Four candidates present, Livingstone (Labour), German (Respec'), Hughes (Forces of Darkness), Johnson (Gimp Party).

As I've found at many such events, with Socialist Alliance in previous elections, the Labour left's usually managed a more consistant and hard-core line than the so-called raving Trots. Ken barnstormed off the blocks, clearly saying it was a war for oil and opposing the occumapation. German spent a lot of time explaining why the greens were'nt really anti-occupation, and Hughes why he was so very important.

Ken promised, if elected, to hire screens round London to show Michael Moores Fahrenheit 911 (genius stroke of popularism).

When asked about putting Tony Blair on trial for War Crimes, Hughes equivocated ('If there is a case to answer...'), Johnson and German were for it, while Ken, riding the boos, was against but for hanging drawing and quartering George Bush.

The only line of attack the other candidates had on Ken was his membership of the Labour party, which he batted away saying that the only real alternative is the Tories. (Credible argument if true, but didn't an independent candidate win in London last time? Rather knacks the old bifurcation fallacy that one).

In terms of the leftists interest, the important point was that German looked pointless, outshone by an old pro, who simply agreed with and then said it better, she was hamstrung by her grudging support for Ken. Getting up and saying vote for us, and then transfer your vote in the second preference catageory of the alternative vote system election (effectively) hardly has that aura of confidence a candidate need to go away with a big impression.

Also, I'll add, whilst its factually true, her phrasing of 'I helped found the stop the war coalition' (as opposed to, say, 'I was invovled in the founding of...') does have an air of proprietorship about it.


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