Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kind references

Gucamoleville seems to have noticed I've added their addy to my blogroll, select as it is. I need to declare an interest.

An interest in Hartlepool, for all I've said about the bloody monkey hangers across the Tees over the years, my Grandma, Lille Louvaine Wallace, was born there (1915, the year Hartlepool became the first town in Britain (the world?) to be subjected to Aerial bombardmet by a German Zeppelin). She was named after two battles in World War One, because her parents had had so many kids they had run out of names.

But the real reason I added it to my blogroll, is that, as the most frequent visitor to my own blog, I find it a useful way of recalling and finding my favouruite links whe I' hotdesking at work.

Proper post later, on Democracy...I promise.


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