Saturday, August 28, 2004

Reasonably impossible

Lenin links to the Guardian who, in the old fashioned way, link to this paragraph containing someone else's words:

But Professor Stephen Coleman of the Oxford Internet Institute said MPs' blogging efforts would always be treated cynically by the public. "The problem facing politicians who blog is that they are professionally implicated in the very culture that blogging seeks to transcend," he comments in the report. "The public will never relax in their company and will be ever suspicious that today's 'spontaneous' blog entry was yesterday's faxed 'message' from the party HQ."

For the record, Coleman is 'one of us' or, rather, was, once, a communist. Nice to see him using his work at Hansard to circumvent the nascent vanguardists of blogging in favour of the republic of blogs.

Check out, BTW, his book on Speaker's Corner, Stilled Tongues - the original blogspot.


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