Monday, October 25, 2004


Lo All,

well, as a good information proefesssional I've sorted my link-rolls out, dioviding into useful links and blogroll. I've also sorted them alphabetically (sort off) by blog name (articles excliuded, obviously).

I've added a link to The Guardian so you can see what other bloggers are fulminating against, as well as linkig to a Yankland comrade in Oregon ' Skookum Talk.


Blogger Darren said...

Why am I not surprised that 'by elections' gets pride of place at the top of your blogroll?

You were brought into this political world as a psephologist and you will leave it the same way ;)

1:25 PM  
Blogger wsp-pdx said...

Those yanks at Skookum Talk are cranks (and wanks).



6:17 AM  

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