Tuesday, November 09, 2004

"Fall-u-jah resist...

...Bush and Blair are terrorists"

So sang the six people and their pet cat, Morris, who turned up at the beck (but not call) of the Stop the War Coalition to the emergency demo outside Downing Street to protest the begining of the assualt on Fallujah. Mostly young, mostly enamoured with the fact that their chants rhymed. I left when they decided Queen's 'We will rock you' is in fact a political chant (Note to all, singing through Megaphones is bad, mmm'kay?).

Not a lot else to say. I feel horrified by what is going to happen. This will be the textbook case on urban warfare for years to come. Better, trained, better armed, and backed up by full air and artillery power. The Americans will take Fallujah, , the insurgents are doomed. It will be a grind though, and we'll need to weep for every boy - American or Iraqi - who gets ground in it.

This is not Stalingrad, this is not Mardrid. There are no supply lines, no re-enforcements, only death from above.

The BBC have been casually lying, embedded reporters in the weeks up to the attack told us that americans were launching artillery and air strikes at "fortified and mortar positions" - no caveat, 'They say they are', no mention of the notorious imprecision of precision bombing, etc.

The chant at the top, though, remains the equivilant of holding someone's coat, while asking them to go six rounds with the Cockney Monster while screaming, "'it 'im Frank, rip 'is fackin' 'ead orff"...



Blogger Martin Wisse said...

They're still young and probably do not quite realise this is about real people and real lives being lost.

Give them time.

2:14 PM  

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