Thursday, November 11, 2004

In memoriam...

In the style of William S. Burrough

Lee didn't believe it for one moment. The gossip, news, rumour, spread by the gossip whores in every corner of interzone. An operative was dead. One of the best.

It was inconceivable that an operative like that would die. Operatives don't die. The rules. They change mission. Persona are disgarded, the job remains. Rule number one.

Lee had first met Yessir! 'Arry Arrafat on a UFO making its way back from the White House to Interzone - they had both been getting new orders from the latest alien to be made - piece by piece in a factory on Venus - President. Yessir! (who obeyed orders impeccably) had sat throughout the trip looking nervous. As an agent, he had issues.

A lot of the other operatives, well, they were minted - sucking produce from the teet - never short of a fix. Yessir!, well, he had been trying to muscle in on the Olives and Concrete concession for years. Poor mad bug-eyed junky that he was, desperate enough for a fix to lube up with EU Jelly. No operative should let themself get into that sort of state, but Lee had heard Yessir had been mainlining - taking mugwump jism intraveinously - he couldn't stop himself.

Anyone who met him when he was jacked up would hear him talk of the biggest mugwump you'd ever seen hidden under Jerusalem - he'd go on to describe its craggy, towering sinister be-domed cock in love aching detail. Of course, he'd mutter, darkly in the corners of successive hotel rooms - the Powers-that-be had given that mugwump racket to other operatives - he was frozen out.

Occaisionally he'd have to be slapped, and reminded that the Jerusalem mugwump cock was extra planar - in another dimension, moving through the bodies without touching anyone. But then, he'd look crazy, get this idea in his eyes - bodies, we had to get past the bodies....

And that was when his plan for liquidating the flesh began, young boys set to erupt -he used to love watching them erupt - spraying their blood and flesh everywhere - visceral cumshots for powerwhores.

That was till he was lifted out - called back - for reconstruction and reassignment -a whole new personna for Yessir!


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