Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy Birthday Reasons to be Impossible

Tony Pancake would be proud, wee Paul Mattick would discuss the fundamental contradictions at the heart of the Blog, Rosie Luxemburg would have spilled her brains with glee - one year to the day, and I'm still writing.

I don't want to waste a precious blog post on merely marking that point, I do want to continue with finding a reason par excellence to be impossible, and that fits snuggly intyo the democracy question I've been looking at here.

Ian Paisley. Oh, yes, indeedy.

Routinely the most popular politicians in Northern Ireland, always the winner of the poll for the Provinces' Euro constiutuency. Just what did they vote for?
The continent of Europe is not our Fatherland, and never can be. Our nationalities cannot be changed, for they are the creation of God. No matter what sinful man may do, God has enthroned His Son King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the King of the whole earth, and He shall reign and rule for evermore.
(Paisley'sFarewell to Europe address)

His website continues to fight out historical controversies, such as Thomas More persecuting protestant heretics in the 16th century (Here) as if they were live topics today. Indeed, he and his camp followers do see it as relevent, becuase the once and eternal anti-Christ of Romishness was responsible - rather than English internal politics, you understand.

Dingbat. You might be thinking, and these books likewise suggest this. The problem, is, though, that many Northern Irish support this dingbattery? In free and fair elections, they choose a ranting ignoramous.

Of course, what they choose is the intransigent. The defender of (possibly perceived) interests and goals, the Democratic (sic) Unionist Party which in the name of equality fosters division - after all, when they openly equate Roman Catholicism with Satanism, it becomes difficult to see how they can deal fairly and equitibly with the agents of evil upon the Earth, doesn't it?

That said, only Paisley et al. have the capacity to deliver a deal in Northern Ireland, to do a Nixon in China, no-one can outflank them, the UUP are holding a Unionist Centre, they have freedom to manoevre otehrs haven't. They have secured tribal identification and loyalty, and that is the bedrock of their power.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, and thanks for your thought provoking analyses.

The Paisley website would be hilarious if people didn't actually take it seriously.


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