Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Haway the Swazi lads, like...

Labour unions in Swaziland begin two-day strike

January 25, 2005, 09:30

Labour Unions in Swaziland begin a two day strike today in yet another attempt to force the government to bring multi party democracy to the Kingdom. Swaziland still has to adopt a new constitution. The country has been ruled by decree since 1973 after the late King Sobhuza II, banned all political parties.

There is a growing discontent that despite the poverty gripping Swaziland, the royal family is living a wasteful and lavish life. The recent purchase of an almost R4 million luxury sedan of King Mswati III, is one case in point.

Labour unions demands
Amongst the demands of the labour unions, they want government should stop their plans to privatise certain public enterprises, to stop the taxation of workers benefits, to suspend the constitutional making process and also to restore the rule of law.

Meanwhile, the Swazi government has moved swiftly to avoid police from joining in the strike, by promising to address their demands in salary increases. With schools opening for 2005 today, teachers have voted not to be a part of the strike action.
Via South African News

A good news story, with luck. I hope anyone reading this will wish our Sistsers and Brotehrs in Swaziland good look in their strike.


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