Saturday, February 26, 2005

Blog Update

Right, new toys. Firtly, demotions:

By-elections seems inactive, I'll move it back up next by-election, obviously.
Billmon is posting regularly, but not with the old insight and analysis, just amusing pictures, I'll leave that where it is. The Rooksby experiement has failed, and so he too has been consigned to the bloggers yard.

New blogs on the roll include Kevin Carson at the Mutualist blog - he's interestingly described the Iraqi electoral set-up as Hamiltonian Democracy which is worth further investigation (He'd also enjoy the book I'm currently reading about American ballot procedures in the nineenth century, I'm sure, more of that later in the week).

I've added Juan Cole's Informed Comment - I don't know about his opinions, but at least he's monitoring Associated Press reports about Iraq (more on that in next post) and so qualifies as a new monitoring service. Especially as the detail of events in Iraq has dropped off the radar. Look up his discussion on the wranglings over appointing a new Government...

From Despair to Where describes itself.

I've added the CIA World Factbook to the useful links section, seeing as how I refer to it so much.

Finally, I'm laying plans for producing an Index...bear with me, that'll take work, but I'll get there.


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