Thursday, March 31, 2005

More psephology

Not mine though, Phil's at Actually Existing.

He runs through the likely possible outcomes of the forthcoming general election.

His thrust is similar to my slightly more blunt factoid below about the number of Labour seats where they more than double their nearest rival's vote.

I'll add though, on my own half baked recollection of running through those figures, tehre were an aweful lot of Labour seats where they had 16,000 votes out of the total of what should be about, oooh, 60,000 if everyone showed up. That is, seismic shifts could easilly shake them, and not necessarilly big ones.

After all, that's how they lost Brent East, a rock-rock-rock solid Labour seat that went to the Liberal vermins - er - I mean democrats - you know, those nice anti-union people. Enough of my prejudice already.

I think Phil is right, there isn't a tide of change out there, but I think there is more volatility than ever.

As an aside, Phil very kindly links to me. I think I may have to return the favour. Later, though.


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