Monday, March 14, 2005

Shrouded oft our martyred dead...

It seems to be a time of class fighters passing.

Recently heard the news that John Crump, author of numerous books about Anarchism, State Capitalism and Japan has died. Obit here. His works included:
Anarchism and nationalism in East Asia, 1995.
A contribution to the critique of Marx, 1976.
A critical history of socialist thought in Japan to 1918, 1980 (Thesis).
Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism in Interwar Japan, 1993.
The Japanese rice riots of 1918
Nikkeiren and Japanese capitalism, 2003.
Non-market socialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, 1987 (ed.)
Origins of socialist thought in Japan, 1983.
State capitalism : the wages system under new management, 1986.
Quite an impressive list. Relatedly, Paul Anderson informs us that Maurice Brinton has died. He was the author, among doubtless other things, of The Bolsheviks and workers control 1917 - 1921 : the state and counter revolution it was a book that really helped me with my understanding of the Russian revolution. I highly recommend it.

He also appears to have wrote:
Suicide for socialism? : special supplement, 1980.
The irrational in politics, 1975.
unhistorical materialism, 1972.

The thin red line of non-market socialism seems to be getting thinner.

UPDATE (Already) SIAW have posted on this already, including a link to another of Brinton's works, and a page that looks worth reading.


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