Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Following the below

See, I was just following a logic trail, trying to understand an argument.

So, no matter the size of the constituency, they will only need to be adjusted by up to one quota at a time - i.e. one average number of voters to seats. In practice, that means up to about half a quota adjustment per constuency. This is an absolute number, that doesn't change.

What does change, though, is the distriubution of the surplus/deficit. i.e. for those parts of the constuency that cannot be equalised to the quota of voters.

In a one member seat, a half quota means adding or removing half the voting strength for the electors of one candidate. In a two member seat, thats a quarter per candisdate, and three members, is 0.17 - one third of one half. i.e. you can distribute the differences among candidates within a mulimember constuency.

Sorry for being dim.


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