Tuesday, May 17, 2005


There are two artistic works I normally cite as political inspiration.

The first, is Doctor Who - which accounts for why I always have a young sidekick to give my explanatory dialogue to.

The other, when I was 16 was V for Vendetta by Allen Moore - an Anarchist graphic novel. Considering I was leaning radical at the time, it was the peice that convinced me of the right of revolution.

Nowadays, obviously, I'd pick holes in the politics - anyone whop knows me knows I normally refer to fucking anarchists as fuckinganarchists. V is the quintessential invisible pilot in the storm.

It occurred to me, partly because my copy has been recently returned by a friend I leant it to, and partly because of Natalie Portman's bald pate, that she has been relatively brave in appearing in the up coming movie version seeing as how the story is one of both a successful terrorist (literally, V prevails by cunning planning and sellective blowing up of strategic government targets) and also the Torture sequences, which must be retained, hence the shaved head.

Expect controversy, I expect a good film, I hope it will be better than previous Moore movie adaptations.


Blogger ReasonInRevolt said...

Hey brother. You may want to check out the movie "They Live" - I've been recommending it to folks on my blog circut of late and its a wonderful distopia movie. Alphaville is another good one.

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