Monday, June 13, 2005

How the news gets reported.

Interesting article on South African News:
Tollgate workers embark on strike
June 13, 2005, 10:45

Tollgate workers are on strike today, following a wage dispute between the union SATAWU and five tollgate operators. One of the operators, Trans-Africa Consortium, is using scab labour at its toll gates on the N1 and N4 between Pretoria and Rustenburg, known as the Bakwena Highway.

Joe Campanella, a company spokesperson, says a temporary arrangement was introduced after booth controllers embarked on a strike. Campanella says traffic flow has improved since the start of the strike.

We are anticipating that we will make the necessary arrangements to have staff in place so that routes are properly staffed. But everything is calm, everything is peaceful. There were some earlier delays this morning with the traffic but those have been sorted out," said Campanella.

The workers are demanding a 12% wage increase, while the tollgate companies are offering 6%.

SCAB LABOUR - could you imagine a BBC website using that term, ever? It's a funny old world. Good luck to the brothers and sisters in SATAWU.


Blogger Kevin Carson said...

Great post. Here in the Ozarks, a local TV news organization actually provided the 800 number of a staffing agency during a St. Louis hospital strike, for nurses who wanted to scab. Thanks to your jogging my memory, I'll probably post on it in the next few days.

5:23 AM  

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