Monday, August 01, 2005

Normal politics will be resumed

Shortly, that is. Longer, in depth posts about things - proper things. But for today, just a round-up of some smidgins.

Apparently, Blair plans to leave the commons when he leaves the Premiership -
Mr Blair has a poor personal voting record in the House of Commons, and his plan to leave parliament may be seen by some as further confirmation that he has never been excessively attracted to Westminster's "club" and its traditions.
Eitehr that, or he's never been too attracted by democracy, neither. No, I'm not fetishising the place, just highlighting some of the interesting traits to be found in modern leading politicians.

It's all about power and control - megalomania that they can make sweeping changes with the stroke of a pen - a government Minister (Hazel Blears) is meeting Muslim Community Leaders to draw up plans of action for elminating extremists. A very British reaction, religion is causing problems, nationalise it. Soon we'll have a Mosque of England alongside the Church of England.

Co-opting certain selected Muslims is hardly likely to end the alienation and division (and may even harm their chances of affecting any change in their communities). Typical New Labour use of the bully pit, trusting Government office over building any sort of genuine social movement.

Finally, another example:
This is the strange reality of Niger's hunger crisis. There is plenty of food, but children are dying because their parents cannot afford to buy it.
Not so strange, really, sounds like most other famines. So the great and powerful nations are shifting tonnes of food out there, now, to avert an utterly unnecessary disaster - flexing transportation and food reserve muscle, when what is needed is widespread changes in access to the common wealth. Doing something to seem big and strong, rather than doing the right thing.

Moral of the story, I think, well, you work it out. That's the point.


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