Friday, September 16, 2005


OK, blogroll has been updated again, always keep it fresh - big welcome to IITWTS - click on the link to find out what that means.

Also Border fever - revolution in Cumbria - beautiful part of the world, used to be able to see it across the bay when I lived in Lancaster - Carlisle was a bit odd though - stopped off there once on the train back to Redcar (don't ask) and had a discussion about patty n' chips with the nice chippy lady.

News from nowhere is another election blog - this time for our campaign in Livingston by-election - check out the by-election blog of old (Promoted for the duration).

Seeing as how the Whiskey bar appears to be fully functional again, it returns to pride of place.

The various watches had become dull, so they have been relegated to the bloggers yard.


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