Friday, September 30, 2005

New Bill, New Ego

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OK - I am cogitating on an answer to Stuart's question in comments below, I'll leave it toill tomorrow when I can work on it more fully.

For today, all I want to flag up is that the Wikipedia article I have contributed most to, has been flagged as the featured article of the day.

I can't claim the distinction for making it achieve that regcognition - but I can say I'm contributed significantly, even if my words are now archaeologically buried beneath subsequent amendments, I can still see the veins of my foundations running through.

Go here on 30th September 2005 and here to see the article itself directly Single Transferable Vote.

It's amazing how many dingbats have vandalised the article since it made the featured slot.

I'm proud of the article, in as much as I think it stands, despite a few split hairs that are a sign of strong intellectual input - and consider it to almost be authortative on the subject. Do read.


Blogger SIAW said...

It's an excellent and thorough exposition of an important topic - many thanks, and we hope that it helps to spread the word a bit. Which particular statements, if any, would you object to in the current version?
(BTW, we didn't mean to look as if we were seriously questioning your knowledge of Northeastern slang when commenting on an earlier post - should have put in a ";)" or something.)

2:34 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Lo Siaw,

no offence was taken, I assure you. If you look in the discussion, you'll see some points on about the relative interpretation of tthe Maltese experience. The rest stnds. otherwise I'd change it.

What I desperately want is a good source on STV in the US...

3:20 PM  
Blogger SIAW said...

Thanks. We've learned at least two new things today: you are Red Deathy (can we claim five pounds?) and Wikipedia has discussion sections (duh ...).
Sorry, don't know of a good source on STV in the US - we assume you've tried googling, hunting around UCL and the like.

4:41 PM  

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