Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Live free or die

So, anyway - I got roped into this silly discussion regarding the Terror Law and the 90 day disappearance clause it has.

Now, I was reminded of some reading I did for my contribution to this Wikipedia article on Speakers' Corner - when I read the Parliamentary debates on the 1872 Royal Parks and Garden's Act.

Apart from the amazing fact that Gladstone -as Prime Minister - led the charge on the debate (on a Parks bill!) was how MPs got all hot and botehred about giving Parkies powers of arrest for infringement of bye-laws. Nowadays I reckon MPs would queue up to demand that parkies be armed with sub machine guns and land-mines be used to keep people off the grass.

I'm working on some comments about decadence that may arrive shortly - before then I'll have a book review - stay tuned to this bat-channel.


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