Thursday, January 19, 2006

Vorsprunging the tech...


Fool that I am, I bought the Sunday Absurder, and read a fascinating gobbet article on E-Ink - basically, paperlike substance that can reproduce digitally stored information without using light emitting technology (like cathode ray tube or liquid crystal display).

The significance of this is, as I argued in this piece of coursework here (no, don't ask, really, don't ask), that CRT and LCD strain the eyes and are uncomfortable and unweildy to use. The main problem being that with reflected light technology (i.e. books) our eyes are adjusted for the level of brightness in our surroundings - meaning a lot more comfort.

Basically, a light, portable, robust technology that can store, retrieve and display a large quantity of information will be a revolution - it will hit publishing the same way downloading hit music (which was conveyed in its user friendly form), and even within capitalism will drop the marginal cost of disseminating information.

It's the iPod coming to books. Keep an eye out. I'm all excited.

Sony Reader
E Ink Corporation


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