Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I heard my Union's glorious leader on the radio this morning discussing the council strike today - a stike which is looking to replicate teh defeat of the PCS in which existing arrangements will be closed to new staff but kept for existing staff (an opverall loss for the working class, but perhaps not as big as loss as threatened initially).

Anyway, my gripe with el Generalissimo is that when he was being grilled by John Humphries he missed an open goal. Humphries was banging on about how workers in the private sector aren't paid much more and don't have the same pension benefit - echoing Digby Jones' efforts to try and split the workers:
"Local authority employees in unions are saying 'we're special, we're more special than you, we want to retire at 60'. "And everybody in the private sector - 14 million people in this country - are being told they've got to work until 65, 67, 68."
Prentis could just have said: "Well, theyb should join unions, and strike" - instead he kept on pleading for the special case of low paid Dinner ladies and librarians (Local authority pay is shit for librarians).

Never mind stating that socialism is the case - I can understand a trade union leader not putting that case (though they should) but to miss out on the ABC's of trade unionism. My dues go towards that theiving git's £70K+ salary.


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