Friday, June 30, 2006

GMB Win!

The GMB have beaten the anti-union Walmart!

National recognnition has been won:
see here
GMB Shop Stewards from the Asda Wal-Mart distribution depots yesterday met in London to consider the outcome of the talks hosted by the TUC between Asda Chief Executive Andy Bond and GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny. Following lengthy consideration of the attached agreement and following over night contacts between the parties GMB are able to confirm that the agreement has been
accepted and the five day strike has been called off.
29 Jun 2006

Paul Kenny GMB General Secretary said, "This new agreement which GMB and Asda Wal-Mart have worked very hard to achieve heralds a new fresh approach to representation and bargaining between the company and GMB. It is the clear intention of this new agreement that issues beneficial to the growth of the company and the economic benefit of its employees will be dealt with through the new National Joint Council."
If we have to strike, we're losing,t he best victories come without a fight but merely a threat.

OK< so national bargaining isn't all that great, yes its bvureaucratic, but it slows the buggers down and does provide protection for quite a lot of otehrwise weak staff.

This is great news, perhaps the poison could spread...


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If only a little of that medicine could be shipped across the Atlantic...


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