Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jewish Cunt


Long-term readers may know that my attempted Puritan Look (Black Hat, White SHirt, unshaven with long hair) has led me to being mistaken for being Amish or occasionally Jewish.

Well, last night I was on the wrong end of some racist abuse as a consequence - walking along Clapham High Street at about ten o'clock some blokes sitting outside a bar started shouting Yisrael! - I ignored them and walked on by, after I was passed one shouted Jewish cunt! - that did provoke me to look round, to their general hilarity.

Now, these were drunk fellers, having a laugh - nothing serious or threatening and no I don't think a sign of impending fascism. They were laughing at someone who to them looked odd - I'd suggest.

Still, I'm not Jewish, so perhaps I can afford insouciance...

Update: And as if by magic - on Saturday I was going to Sainsbury's in Camden Town, and someone indeed did shout Amish after me - which reinforces my opinion that it's a feature of difference rather than some sort of bubbling racism I encountered in Clapham.


Blogger bob said...

But they didn't say Amish cunt did they?

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's cause amish arn't cunts

5:58 PM  

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