Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For workers' councils?

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Concerning the question as to why Noske was given relatively free hand in Kiel
Kuhl: I cannot understand this, this has always been a puzzle to me: Noske came, to strangle the revolution. (Popp: yes but he did not manage.), but why is he then elected chairman of the soldier's council?

Popp: Who was the soldier's council, they hardly knew one another. This were not necessarily politically oriented people. I also made a mistake that time, there was a soldier whom I knew personally. I called him and he was also elected. That was the biggest lunacy ever happened, that was a gruesome man. We hardly knew one another. There was no talking about it. I don't even know how many soldier's councils were established that time. There in that corner they elected one, another one there, another one there. The real soldier's councils, well structured, they came into being after I had organized for it. These were wild stories.

Kuhl: Did you try to prevent Noske being elected?

Popp: Why that? I could not exclude the SPD! Listen! You try just being one and the others are ten, you want to exclude those ten? How would you do that?

Kuhl: One could try at least.

Popp: No, that is raising, man alive!
Interview with Lothar Popp.

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