Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Random Stuff

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First, here is a pointless though I think interesting historical comparison.

The Land Acquired in the Louisiana Purchase.

The Scale of Iran to America.

I just thought the comparison was interesting. Analytical value zero - but illustrative both of the vast scale of the purchase (much more than I originally thought, enough to indicate it significance to American history in the way in which Jefferson banjaxed the constitution - strict constructionist indeed).

Likewise, randomly, you might note the election counter at the top of the page now. Interestingly, it shows just how close the race to control congress is - almsot a dead heat. In reality, though, the known independence of congresspersons (particularly senators) doesn't reveal just how the balance really lies - I suppose only complex analyses of voting patterns does that. It reality, those two parties are one party. The appearance that bush has dominated throuh super majorities is illusory - certainly, much of the power derives from congressional committees which are formally taken by winners overall - but an insurgent party could refuse to play such games and force everything to the floor of the house, make the dominant party have to fight to exercise their slim majhority (that's how things will probably work here in the next Parliament). Bi-partisanship is the dominance of the single capitalist US party.

Enough of the ramble already, get to work.

Hatptip: Billmon


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