Thursday, October 26, 2006

Evil authoritarian scumbags


Right, back to business.

The New Local Government White Paper (Available as download here).
legislating for stronger, more accountable local leadership by offering local authorities a choice of three executive models – a directly elected mayor, a directly elected executive, and an indirectly elected leader with a four year term and by allowing authorities to adopt the mayoral model, following consultation with their communities, but without the need for a referendum.
So, having failed to get peopel to accept the Fuehrerprinzip and vote for Robo-mayors (except in a few boroughs) instead of collective democratic organisation, they are going to give councillors the authority to unilaterally abolish themselves in favour of strong verticle leadership. new Labour technocarcy in action (if not in Acton). Further
In each model:
all executive powers will be vested in the mayor or leader who will have
responsibility for deciding how these powers should be discharged – either by
him or herself or delegated to members of cabinet individually or collectively;
Quite the Leninists now, aren't we - out goes quaint collective decisions making, in comes elected dictators to rule absolutely for four years.


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