Monday, October 09, 2006


Forget the hand wringing - Posadism lives

They really are online. Well, I never. What a joy!

Vaguely related to this news.

Viva Posadas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought there was a certain, dare I say it, 'Marxist' logic about the Posadists and flying saucers.

They say they are emissaries from socialist (or communist) worlds.

And if you follow the standard arguments:

- capitalism will give way to socialism (or barbarism)

- socialism will be far in advance of capitalism (technologically, culturally, etc.)

- capitalism on planet Earth has no chance of constructing vessels to travel light years to where there might be other forms of life

- therefore any little green men must, in fact, be little red men.

It's just shame, really, that there aren't any.

11:06 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Their logic for an instant nucelar war makes a sort of sense - having just been watching the day of the triffids, they were right, the technology and teh knowledge would survive, and life would go on, but the entire social fabric of the world would be destroyed, and, presumably, only communism (thie authoritarian brand) would be the way to restore it. Make a great sci-fi noval...hmmm, where's my notepad...

3:19 PM  

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