Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That Leopard

Damn those spots are hard to get off. Just before I left work last night, I got an urgent call from the Socialist Party - they needed a speaker urgently to attend this debate (they hadn't, it seems opened my letter yet). Anyway, I was told the American ambassador was a participant, and so my ego, not to mention a little guilt, demanded that I go for a swansong. As it turned out, it was just a UCL alumnus who works as a lawyer for the US dept. of Justice.

Anyway, a critique by a party member in the audience can be found here suffice to say, we won - although many of the speakers on our side were toe curlingly awful.

I can see how professional politicos can get addicted to that sort of cut and thrust debate (especially if you've missed dinner to be there and you're drinking win on an empty stomach).

Now, about those spots...


Blogger Darren said...

Well done for stepping in at the last minute.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, well done Bill and the others who attended. I was very sorry to read of your impending departure from the Party, but Tristan's report of the debate cheered me up.
I presume there's a part two to your resignation post, and I'll be interested to read what sort of things you think you can do that weren't/aren't possible as an SPGB member. It was largely your posts (plus Darren's) on UKLN that pointed me to the SPGB and eventual membership.
Rock on, Bill
Robert (in Carlisle)

7:18 PM  

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