Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's warrrrrrr! And we're all gonna die! pt. 1

OK, blitz of posts to make up for recent slackness.

Today on Today programme I heard that the Catholic church is threatening to close down it's adoption agencies if they have to hand over the little babies to those nasty queeahhhhs.

Apparently the Catholics place about 200 children a year - accounting for about a third of difficult placements.

The CHILDREN! Will somebody please think about the CHILDREN?

Anyway, bottom line - whatever happened to rendering unto Caesar, eh? Catholics are no more discriminated against than racists and sexists are by other equalities laws, they indeed do have the option of not placing children for adoption - they should indeed exercise their consciences if that's what they want.

Other people will come forward to organise that necessary social function, and the venemous holy mother church will be the onmly long-term loser (of course, some kiddies may well lose out in the short term, but hey, it's a matter of conscience, isn't it?). Nice to see where the bastard's priorities lie - and good to see just what a nonsense this makes of the idea of farming off welfare to faith-based groups.

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