Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last of the big spenders

Now, whilst some people like to put a punt on politicalbetting.com the really serious gamblers prefer to play the high stakes game of - donating to their preferred political party.

Almost invariably, the party that spends the most money wins the election, in the UK. This isn't just because they spend more, it is also because likely winners attract donors - people like to back a winner and maybe see a decent return on their investment (David Sainsbury got a peerage and a ministerial post not unconnected to his family business, the corrupt little fucker, for instance).

The BBC seems to be indicating the smart money is now on a Tory victory at the next election.

I agree, my current prediction still remains on a Con/Lib-Dem administration after the next election.

Then, then, we could sit back and wonder at how Three terms Tony managed to turn the most commanding position ever held by Labour, into so much fluff.

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Blogger Jonathan Wood said...

Oppinion Polls are often missleading and also, there is so much on the political horizon. A Labour leadership change isn't popular with the voters right now but after the transition their may be a different story. We cannot predict so many things for 2010 and the election is one of them. At this moment in time, I would feel just as safe betting on a Labour government next time as I would a Socialist Party government.

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