Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The blessed Martin Rowson in a recent copy of Tribune coined a useful neologism. Neo tankie as a splendid term for the so-called pro-war left, or at least, significant elements of it. The likes of Aaronovitch (former communist) and Hitchens( former Trotskyist - and current admirer of the old butcher of Krondstadt) - comparing the former far leftists with the tankies of yore who supported the export of their revolution by the tanks that went into Budapest.

They haven't, really, changed. Still authoritarian and still in worship of the powerful, justifying death in the name of their current messianic creed.
Neo-tankie, it rolls off the tongue and places the likes of Harry's Placers quite nicely.

Stop using pro-war left, break out the neo-tankie jibe.

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