Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brief interlude

Yesterday I went to visit a dental hygenist. So fucking what? quoth thou. Indeed, I paid greatly to have my teeth scraped, but before hand the hygenist sought my professional advice, free of charge 9wanting to know if there were any free subscription dental health journals!). Sheesh, the noive of some people.

Still, nice to be appreciated though - but as the battle cry of the librarian goes - it's nto my job to know the answer, it's my job to know where to find the answer. In this case I suspect, off the top of my head, a visit to Ulrich's is in order.

As it was, I told her that PubMed was free of charge and local libraries have a duty to supply materials requested (at quite reasonable charges, really). Or her practice should pay for a sub.

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Blogger Rajani Palme Dutt said...

Or you could point her in the direction of the Director of Open Access Journals, which lists 26 dentistry titles

10:29 AM  

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