Monday, April 30, 2007


Well, the cricket worldcup is over - as ever it made great listening on the radio (especially when I was laid low by lurgy).

Unlike the commentators, I had my fill of exciting last minute games, where every ball was awaited with baited breath - yes, the Australians did murder everyone else - ritually (just see their rankings in the bowling figures, throughout, but nontheless, there were many positives.

Ireland did scintillatingly well - and it was good to see Bangladesh get through and India and Pakistan being humbled and knocked-out at the first round - the game needs challenge to be kept alive.

Cricket, despite being a legacy of empire, is a game which lives and thrives in some of the poorest and most populous nations. Sri Lanka were able to match against players from mighty and affluent cricketing nations to put in a tremendous show in the final. My only dsiappointment was the result for the West Indies.

It's a game of poise, drama and commitment, where reversals and surprises can occur, and where, like good literature, an observer can gain appreciation by study of the techniques and forms. Looking forward to the subcontent world-cup already.



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