Tuesday, July 10, 2007

By Special Request

Well, I've been asked my opinion on the Digby Jones situation.

Lets recap. Blair appointed David Sainsbury to his government - gave him a peerage, and a DTI ministery in an area connected with his family business. At least, though, he had given millions, millions, to the Labour Party - so that deal was straightforwardly corrupt.

Brown appoints Jones. That is more interesting, is Brown giving way to the city, or is his absorbing and recuperatign Jones from a position of strength?

Either way, what it illustrates is the semi-Fuedal power of the Prime Minister, the power of office, and that the interests of the office and its holder are3 not necessailly co-terminus with the party.

For Joe Cit the position remains that we are in effective permanent opposition to any Prime Minister, the only choice is between one we reckon we may be able to induce to tack and change to our tune rather than someone else's.

In this story, we are the great clunking fist, and Brown is the natty little gnat who can dodge and weave to avoid a squishing. yes, he's given away some powers, but mostly powers that are inherent in the PM having a parliamentary majority - the chase is on!

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Blogger Darren said...

"Brown is the natty little gnat who can dodge and weave to avoid a squishing"

Stumbled across Brown's first PMQ's on C-Span the other night. I was surprised how badly he came across. Stuttering like a mad yin. First night nerves?

btw, some wags are suggesting that Digby will do a cross-the-floor special closer to the General Election

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