Friday, August 31, 2007

Fash bastards

OK, two bits of fash news.

First, from Spain - today's Guardian reports that a monument to British International Brigaders has been stolen by the Falange, read about it here.
A monument to the British dead at one of the bloodiest encounters of the Spanish civil war has been torn down and carried away by rightwing extremists.
The monument is a huge stone plaque to 90 British volunteers in the International Brigades who were killed during the Battle of the Ebro.
And in foreign parts, the fash have managed to close a regular political venue in Manchester, see here - the Hare and hounds has been a regular haunt of SPGB Manchester branch for many years, but as a result of an Anarchist meeting being threatened by the fascists, the owners have discontinued holding political meetings. This is a bad turn, and it symbolises more that politics is seen as an irrelevence, rather than the strength of the Manchester fascists.

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Anonymous Phil said...

This may not be a 'political' question at all - a few months ago a folk club which had met at the H&H for yonks was also told to go elsewhere. I don't know if the Hare and Hounds is under new management or the landlady has just developed a taste for a quiet life. Either way it's not really a victory for the fash, although doubtless they won't see it that way.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Duncan Money said...

The threat was absolute bollocks and I guess was seized upon by police as an excuse to ban the meeting.

I think I saw the threat myself, it was posted up on the Combat 18/Blood & Honour Guestbook (Keyboard Warriors Division) a while back, so nothing serious at all.

I mean, these groups don't even exist anymore, 'Combat 18' is pure fantasy, and the police have aided and abetted their delusions of 'smashing the reds' by warning the landlady.

The police must be aware that there has not been an attack by fascists on a left-wing meeting for years.

12:01 PM  

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