Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Class warrrrr!!!!

OK, I couldn't believe it, facing a council estate on Hampstead Road, round the back grotty end of Euston station stands a billboard - recently advertising the new Champagne bar at St. Pancras; yesterday, showing the advert I saw from the window of my bus to work "From limo to lounge in 10 minutes" - yes, it's the new Upper Class Wing at Heathrow from Virgin. At least they've segmented the market well and know who they are aiming for.
Our complimentary chauffeur driven car service whisks you to and from the airport, at both ends of your journey. At Heathrow, Gatwick and Johannesburg, jump the queue with Drive Thru Check In.

When flying Upper Class®, your seat is a suite. Complete with an extra large table, private power source, and guest seat for meeting or entertaining. When sleep beckons, your seat converts to a totally flat, super-wide bed complete with a duvet and turn down service. Explore the largest fully flat bed.
I am not fucking making this up. Privilege and comfort for the ultra rich: what bottles of Bells for them who queue like cattle?

It is not the fact of the service, risible and contemptible though it is, but the mind set, identity, class consciousness of anyone who purchases it. It is an offence of conceit and greed - conspicuous consumption and a contempt for your fellows. This is how the class war is waged by the otehr side, and they are conscious of what they are doing.



Anonymous Stargeezer said...

I could go along with this if the front half of the plane was devoted to this shite but paid for the flight and the back half was free seats for the working people who made this kind of personal wealth possible.

3:50 PM  

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