Monday, March 17, 2008

London Skolars v. Sheffield Eagles

Fresh from two away wins, one against Sheffield, Skolars must have been confident walking into this match. Sadly, such confidence wasn't rewarded.

In a brave, but sometimes tetchy, match (the Sheffield 15, a big brute of a bloke, certainly needed a few words from the ref from time to time) Skolars managed to struggle to stay in the game. Although they scored first, their try was a sneaky one, won off a kick - deserved, but all the same, not a sign of powering through the oppositions ranks.

Sheffield did power through, though, they bulldozed, and although scores were level by the third quarter of the match, the reality was that most of the play, and repeat sets, had belonged to Eagles in the Skolars' half.

That well known sign in sport of being outmatched happened in the fourth quarter, the collapse, as the Eagles repeatedly ran over the line - their final try, symbollic of a weary opposition, came from a failed tackle where the Sheffield man bounced his tackler off, and stomped on to score a try.

In a pathetic fallacy, the skies turned to grey, and began to weap a little for the London team.
Skolars 14 - Eagles 34

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Blogger robert said...

Great stuff Bill! I watch out for both the London clubs' results each week, having got into the sport via a new 'outpost' club in 1981. (the now-defunct Carlisle Border Raiders. We got merged to death with Barrow, who then became Barrow Border Raiders. Quite which border was being referenced escaped us all ;>)

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