Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harlequins RL v. St. Helens

This is what Super League looks like.

Two teams with everything to play for - Quins a shot at the playo-offs - Saints, keeping the lead in the League.

the Londoners certainly stepped up their game, fast, rolling play - the ball being flipped, tapped and shot about - no sign of brute force and ignorance. Clearly they were trying to match the style of the league leaders.

And it worked, half time they were 16-10 up, after two quick tries early on. In such a situation, the key is to score the first try of the second half - keep the pressure on and put them under the cosh.

They didn't, the Mersysiders rebounded scoring a try minutes into the second half. there then followed a twenty minute drought, back and forth play end to end sets.

Quins broke. Under relentless pounding from the likes of Pryce and Talau, try after try thundered over the line.

The signs had been there - Quins gave away a few too many holding down penalties. Too many of their sets ended with a player losing the ball to loose ands. Although towards the end both sides engaged in scrappy scrambling for the loose ball, it was Saints who held it together. A champions performance - but the score doesn't do Quins justice.

Harlequins RL 16 - St. Helens 32

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