Friday, December 12, 2008

A very Bourgeois revolution

The notoriously litigious Barclay Clones have given us a textbook in bourgeois revolution - they have used their financial might to bring democracy to the Island of Sark through the courts - and now democracy has arrived, and voted against what they wanted (their own privately owned Bond villain base, it seems) they have decided to punish the puny mortals for their temerity to use their democracy, by disinvesting in the tiny island and causes relative mass unemployment. Their spokedroid has said: "The island cannot at the same time treat the Barclay family in the way that it has and expect them to continue investing large sums of money into its economy." Hulk Smash. Mongrol Smush. Big Jobs!

Once again, they prove that democracy is impossible in a society of unequal wealth - the microcosm of Sark has given the totalitarian pair their opportunity to prove that. It also shows the value of Harry's place style democratisation.

And what of the publicity shy scheming meglomaniacs themselves? Well, through their purely viscious actions they have exposed themselves to more headlines and public oprobrium than most folk could manage in a life time - I hope their lawyers hands drop off writing out all the vexatious writs that will now follow to keep the filth wallowing pigs able to live in their castles in the air.

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