Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too cheap to meter?

Nuclear fusion has been fifty years away for the last twenty or so years, to my recollection. Well, now the scientists are talking of the culmination of 50 years work with the potential arrival of a proof of concept laser ignition fusion reaction. If this works, as we'll apparently know if the next couple of years, after that, it's all detail, and we're on our way to limitless clean energy.

Then all the futurologists and tech heads can go around laughing at the greens. The implications are vast - energy free of geography, and without limit - plus a helium by product: "Airships!" Fusion + robots = socialism. Now, as Doktor Sleepless asks, where's my jet-pack?

On a similar theme, young Master Stross has declared his near future book Halting State to be already obsolete - things are moving, kids.

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