Friday, July 17, 2009

The keening of anarchists

So, I was telling you about the squat against the MP couple. It seems the courts moved, and repossession was granted. On the last night, my informant tells me, someone who was keen for the squatters to go hired some local kids to come to the house and cause mayhem. Keen eyed readers can find a version of this story on Indymedia.

Now, whether they were provacateurs, sent to discredit the squatters, or really just lary local lads, doesn't matter. It shows the risks of direct action (and the prospect that the other side will break the rules to get back at you, too). While direct action can be satisfying, I don't think it offers an alternative to clear political organisation (worse, in this case, the anarchists come out sounding like the taxpayers alliance). Yes, their keyings on t'interweb may have helped rabble rouse a touch, but their hardly likely to dent the average consciousness, much less those leftists who support Keynes' policies.

That's why I'm not keen on this type of politics.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure that homeless people will be happy waiting for the SPGB to sweep to power (rather than get a handful of votes every four years) rather than, say, use direct action and squat unused property...

Until that wonderful day, they will also be happy knowing that their homelessness is preferrable to taking direct action as the SPGB can raise their consciousness by means of "political action" every four years or so...

Of course, I would agree that we need clear political organisation (for example, an Anarchist Federation) as well as direct action. However, I would question the dismissal of direct action -- particularly if the alternative raised is standing in election.

An Anarchist FAQ

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