Friday, March 19, 2010

No Leaders

I should say that I a a member of Unison - currently undergoing a General Secretary election. Now, first, some points. Unison's rulebook explicitly states that it is a member lead organisation, there is no reference in the rulebook to a leader, or a leadership, so in essence, the General Secretary is a secretary, not a general.

In reality, the public image is that he is the leader. Currently, the post is held by a member of a bizarre entryist cult called the Labour Party, that puts their organisation first and foremost while pretending to put members first. They are being challenged by Militant. Dave Prentice is being challenged by Paul Holmes, and Roger Bannister. Now, the only issue at hand should be experience of the union, and capacity to carry out conference instructions, but they are all vying to be a leader.

I think, on due reflection, I'm going to wipe my arse on my ballot paper when it arrive. We have no leader, we are all leaders.

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Anonymous Dave Semple said...

Yeah yeah, but who will you vote for really?

I mean, there's actually a choice in this election between people who want to push for measurable devolution of authority to the branches (a step closer to everyone being a leader) and those who'd prefer the union to remain a pawn in backroom politics between the union bureaucracy and the Labour Party bureaucracy.

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