Monday, January 23, 2012

Bob-bob-bobbing along

Another innovative energy production method:
The Searaser machine works by using wave energy to pump water up to container tanks and the water is then released to a hydro-electric turbine.[...]He said that a full size machine would be about 1m wide and 12m deep and cost up to £250,000.
That's quite an affordable option to throw into the mix, and it has the capacity to smooth out demand, maybe with other forms of power (and of course, the principle applies, why not use wind driven pumps in land to stock up reservoirs?) Now, 230,000 homes isn't a huge number (this doc suggests there are 21 million households in the UK, and that's set to grow by 250,000 per year) but it is a start; and new technology begets new technology. Maybe more sites can be found?

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