Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bradford bull

It's always terrible whenever a swathe of lay-offs is announced. It's always sad when a town's club dies. I have to confess, at first I thought about digging into my pockets to help the dig-out fund for the Bulls. I checked who owned them, decided they were privately owned, and kept my cash in my pocket. If they were a co-op or a supporters trust I've have chipped in. But I didn't see why I should help someone make a profit (either directly or ultimately).

On top of that, what with the mess at Rangers, I've become less tolerant. Financial mismanagement of a club is cheating, it keeps them in place when other clubs who are working hard and managing on a shoestring could step up and benefit from the earnings. So many families rely on a club for their incomes, it is despicable to play fast and loose with that. Even star league players aren't super rich in this country.

I hope a new club arises from the ashes, even if it has to start from rock bottom. This link leads to a very pissed off fans forum. And they rightly are. I hope that the game with Broncos goes ahead this weekend, even if it has to be played on some local rec.

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Blogger ajohnstone said...

The whole of Scottish football administration stinks.

The latest in the sad tale is the gerry-mandering of votes in the league.


and here


6:29 AM  

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