Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I've been waiting for something truly shiny to bring me back to the keyboard. Try this for size:
Main specification of SKY CITY ONE (PDF)
  • Building area: 1,610,000 m2 (Plot ratio: 50)
  • Land area: 32,400m2 (180×180)
  • Building storey: 200
  • Total height: 666m
  • Earthquake resistance level: Level 9 ①
  • Construction material: Approx. 400 kg/m2 ②
  • Energy consumption: 90kWh/m2a ③
  • Indoor air ventilation: 100% fresh air, 99% purification, ventilation frequency 5-10 times/h in occupancy
  • Fabrication term: 4months for fabrication, 2 months for installation
  • Occupancy capacity: Rated 70,000 people, Maximum 100,000 people
  • That's right, a building 666(!) Metres high to house 70,000. That's roughly the population of my home town. Put another way, you could house the entire UK population in just 1,000 of these things. That certainly points towards a rewilding prospect, which would have carbon absorbtion benefits. That said, I hope there is good noise insulation.

    But, note the hierarchy built into it's plan, expensive rich apartments at the top, plebs below. Ideology in concrete, despite it's claim that "World’s top ten highest skyscrapers are built only for the rich. SKY CITY is shared by the rich and the common."

    They are, apparently, seriously proposing to have this thing up in two months. Although, I note from this report" The Chinese authorities have yet to give the go-ahead. Still, a fascinating concept.

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