Monday, February 08, 2010

Vaux Populi back up

Another election, another manifesto - we're off again, Vauxing Popularly....

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More NEP

On closer reading I came out with this gem:
Looking at the top of the income distribution, using data from tax records, the share of the top 1 per cent in after tax income fell from 12.6 per cent of the total in 1937 to 4.7 per cent by 1979, but rose again to 8 per cent in 1990 and 10 per cent in 2000. The share of the top 0.05 per cent (the top one in every two thousand) fell from 2.4 per cent of the total in 1937 to under 0.5 per cent in 1969. By 2000, their share had risen back to 2.5 per cent.
That's about 30,000 people in the UK, are taking home a 2.5% of all after tax income. 2.5% of the UK population is 1.5 million.

What these figures show is the clear ultra minority who benefit from the current system of society.

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