Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joining the dots

This post from Charles Stross.

This report from the BBC.

This post from Energy Bulletin.

Put them together, and we get:
According to IEEE Spectrum, a 70 millisecond power drop in a single factory is going to cause a 7.5% reduction in shipments of FLASH memory over the next two months. Worldwide. The news this week that about one-third of Australia's coal production has been halted by massive flooding in the state of Queensland is an opportunity to look at the coal supply situation in Asia and the impact it could have on global energy prices in the next few months.The flooding has been so widespread that while some communities are still bracing themselves for the worst, in others the clean-up is well under way. The forecast is for more rain to come, and there are reports of flooding in neighbouring New South Wales. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has warned that the recovery will take a long time.

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