Thursday, October 11, 2007

That cigarrette paper, again

The indefatigable Theo Blackwell continues to chart the assualt of the Lib-Dem(Majority)/Tory council in Camden - with the news that they have disbanded the council's Voluntary Sector Unit as part of their drive to hold council tax down, and be seen to be a low tax administration.

Further, he reports of swingeing cuts to mental health care services up in Highgate.

My sources have it, that, in fact, the Tories are leading the administration, and are the real political and intellectual quality of the regime - their major partner is just a bunch of puppets - so I hear.

What this is is an assault on soft targets - probably frequented by non-voters - from the council budget. Not care homes or schools or the sorts of things that might animate non-users of such services, but which do provide a great deal of what makes a community decent - and which you don't really miss till you try to use it and its not there.

This is the cigarrette paper between the mainstream parties, this tiny bit of difference that makes all the difference. Tories and Lib-Dems, for the strong, against the weak, against the vountary sector, against civil society - barricade yourselves up and spend your tax savings on home defence. Cut the social wage, and let the rest sink.

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